Recruiting Executives Inc. (RE) likes to work with those who still believe that Cancer can be cured and who are ready to hit the ground running… 

Our successful search experience has ranged from working with pre-IPO start-up companies to mid-size companies to Fortune 500 corporations. Since incorporation, Recruiting Executives Inc. has effectively generated more than $2,000,000 in gross revenues.

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good-$enseAsk us how we can assist you in saving employee benefit $$$.
Recruiting Executives Inc. (RE) now has a professional alliance with MassMutual to assist our clients in saving money on their employer group life and disability insurance, 401k and medical benefit programs. Please let us know if you want your employee benefits program reviewed for potential savings or if you need assistance with your individual life, disability and LTC insurance needs as well as if you need assistance with pension and retirement planning... (*Our trusted and experienced financial services advisor has > 30 years experience, holds a Master of Science degree in Investment Management, is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor; CRPC and serves as an expert witness for arbitration cases in the financial services industry.)


yellow-stickyIf you love what you do, why retire?
In 2008, the number of oncologists 64 years of age and older surpassed the number of oncologists under the age of 40. Moreover, the number of oncologists ages 64 and older has been growing more rapidly than the overall number of oncologists according to the ASCO Workforce Studies.

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canstockphoto5917965Is the pharmaceutical industry a good industry for women?  Absolutely!
Over the course of 2013, 2014 and ongoing, Recruiting Executives Inc., an international oncology recruiting firm, has been conducting a pharmaceutical industry survey for females.

What we learned thus far:  Preliminary survey results continue to underline the difficulties that the pharmaceutical industry currently faces in trying to develop and promote females. As you can see, there are endless opportunities for women in this great industry!