“I have been here for a little over a month an everything is great. Lots of challenges... surrounded by nice, smart people. Thank you.” - Director, Medical and Professional Alliances Placement (PharmD, JD)

“I knew in the first couple of minutes that this recruiter was going to be different... Not only did she respond promptly, but she also knew of 3-4 positions that might fit my profile. It was very obvious that she was connected to the “pipeline”. — SE District Sales Manager Placement

“During the entire process Christine was professional, listened to what my needs were, provided me with stellar sales talent, had regular follow up sessions with me after every interview and placed two of my candidates for me. If I were an internal human resource manager for a major pharmaceutical company, I would surely feel comfortable reaching out” - NE Biotech Division Manager




Recruiting Executives Inc. D/B/A C.J. Rice Associates works with cancer specific healthcare providers at the Advanced Practitioner (Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant) and Physician level nationally as well as with oncology and/or rare disease pharmaceutical/biotechnology experienced medical affairs professionals.  

Please contact us should your practice or organization need assistance with an Oncology Advanced Practitioner (Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant) or Physician level search as we have access to more than 45,000 oncology healthcare professionals thus far. Moreover, if your organization needs assistance with an oncology/rare disease medical affairs search.

Additionally, did you know that we have a passive referral program whereas you can earn $500 for each oncology healthcare referral that we place and each time that we place them should we place them more than once? Just refer your oncology healthcare colleagues to send us their resume’ or CV with your name as their referral source and we will honor the program indefinitely… Thank you! – Christine J. Rice


medscapeAs written in Medscape's Oncologist Compensation report: Oncologists' compensation showed an increase this year of 10%...  Survey respondents were asked to provide their annual compensation for patient care. For employed physicians, this includes salary, bonus, and profit-sharing contributions. For partners, it includes earnings after taxes and deductible business expenses before income tax. Oncologists were above the middle among earners this year at $363,000 and average compensation for foreign-trained oncologists exceeds that reported this year by their US-trained peers.

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canstockphoto5917965Is the pharmaceutical industry a good industry for women?  Absolutely!
Recruiting Executives Inc. has conducted a pharmaceutical industry survey for females. Survey invitations were sent via an email message which contained a link to the survey hosted by Survey Monkey. This link is uniquely tied to the survey and the participants email address. 

What we learned thus far:  Preliminary survey results underlined the difficulties that the pharmaceutical industry faces in trying to develop and promote females...